Customer Reviews

20″ Halo Hair Extensions in Chocolate Brown #4

“Simply the best hair extensions I have ever used, I have tried many hair extensions in the past and most of them have been of a very poor quality which has made me think what is the point but these Halo Hair extensions were the best I have ever used.”
Sarah, Penrith

Thank you
Orofluido Hair Mask

“After searching round on the internet and not finding a single company that could (or was prepared) to get the hair mask to me the next day I stumbled on Stunning Hair And Beauty I spoke to the most helpful lady explained the hair mask was for a present and I needed it the next day, it arrived as promised the next day! Thank you so much Stunning Hair And Beauty.”
Mark, Alfreton Derbyshire

Luxurious Floral Clamp

“Beautifully gift wrapped and arrived in super quick time, What a gorgeous item.”
Jennifer, London

A Great Product!!

The Halo 16″ Jet Black #1

“This is the easiest hair extension I have ever put in, I cannot expain how easy it is to use , Thank You Matthew for you amazing customer service and how helpful you were.”

Maggie , Liverpool

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